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Reader Submission: Sonic Is Coming To Aramingo Crossings


And we’re thrilled about a Sonic Drive-In right?  I’ve never eaten there but I hear people rave about it.  I know they’ve got one up on Street Road in Bensalem.  I’ve just started this 5 Guys kick which is really screwing up my running.

You guys are getting good with the pics, keep ’em comin.  And although not technically in Frankford, we’ve been paying close attention to Aramingo Crossings just because it’s like 400 feet away from Frankford’s southern border, the Frankford Creek.  There’s progress being made toward(and in) East Frankford, slow but steady.

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Aramingo Crossings Rises

It really annoys me that different places put the “s” at the end of Aramingo Crossing[s], but anyway, here’s an iPhone pick of a wall that is just now sprouting up out of the ground.  It seems odd because it’s coming up perpendicular to Aramingo Ave, I would have thought they’d push it to the back to get tons of parking in but what do I know.

Aramingo Crossings Wall

Now remember why we care about this even though it’s not in Frankford.  It’s REALLY CLOSE to Frankford.  We’re getting Fur-Niture Sir-Plus, which advertises on TV and dont’ get me started on Globe Dye Works and what’s going on in East Frankford.  Good things are happening, and they’re coming from the southwest.

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FKD Is Waiting – Lowes

I like to mark progress from the flashy side of gentrification coming up through Kensington.  But I must point out the middle class utopia of a Lowe’s coming (oh so close) to Frankford.  How close?  1000 feet close.  The new construction coming to the Port Richmond on Aramingo Ave between Wheatsheef and Butler is 1000 feet away from the Frankford Creek, the border of fair Frankford.

They are building, not in yet, but oh so close, to Frankford.