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Frankford Walk Scores a Hit

The Kings Highway Trust with the Historical Society of Frankford held an architectural walking tour of some of Frankford iconic buildings.  Ten people from various neighborhoods came to take the tour.

Debbie Klak and Diane Sadler did an excellent job of leading the tour which was about two hours and maybe a mile in length.  Sadler is an expert in the architecture of these old buildings and Klak knows the stories of the people who built and lived in them.  Combined, the dynamic duo is a hard to beat tour.

Below are some stills of the first half of the tour.  If you would take your own, download the “Sidewalk” app for your mobile device.  It will show you what tours are available near your location and The Kings Highway tours will be featured.

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Thanks to Debbie Klak and Diane Sadler for a great tour.  Congratulations to Jason Sherman for bringing the history of Northeast Philadelphia down to ground level.

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Discover Frankford This Weekend

The Kings Highway Trust presents, this week, the First Annual Northeast Philadelphia History and Heritage Celebration.  

There are two events being held in Frankford. 

Tonight, at the First Philadelphia Prep. Charter School at 4300 Tacony Street from 7 to 9 PM, is Share Your Story.  Be a part of history and share the stories of your family, ancestors, and everything Northeast Philadelphia in a fun and interactive series of workshops hosted by Manor College Professor Matthew Smalarz and moderated by Jason Sherman.

Sunday, August 19th from 3 to 6 PM at the Historical Society of Frankford, 1507 Orthodox Street, will be an architectural walking tour of Frankford with Debbie Klak and Diane Sadler. After the tour, then see ancient artifacts at the Historical Society of Frankford along with old photos and a slideshow.

This will also be the first opportunity to use the Historical Walking Tour of Frankford app.  So if you can’t make the event on Sunday, download the app on your mobile device and take the tour whenever you can. Search for Sidewalk.  Then search for the King’s Highway.  I’ve tested it and it is pretty good.

For more information about the event, follow this link.   See you Sunday at the Historical Society.