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Google Maps Has Started Showing Frankford Businesses

Local businesses are now starting to show up on Google Maps along with some information about them.  I’m guessing they’re pulling the info off of sites like and citysearch.  It may not seem like a huge deal but it really is if you’re like me and are curious as to what’s going on around you.  Case in point, I knew there was some kind of boat building thing going on at the Dye Works but I haven’t really found the time to inquire about it, let alone go and take pics and get info on it.  But boom, google’s done it for me.  Here’s the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory.  They offer boat building projects with hands on learning to help Philadelphia’s youth succeed.  Also, I drive by Unity and Wingahoken almost daily but never knew that there was Haydon Bolt Co producing, well… bolts. There’s also a few oddities out there, like the title “Birds Birds Birds” with no other info next to St Mark’s by Sellers and Frankford.  I can’t imagine we have an aviary here. There’s more than a few tips that deserve their own posts.  Check it out, and find me the titans of the dry cleaning and laundry parts industry.


[link] Google Maps – 19124