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Students Visit Studio of Frankford-based Visual Artist Timmy Graham

Students from Harding Middle School’s CHICKS after-school program visited Frankford-based painter Timmy Graham yesterday to learn about his craft, artistic development and career.

This visit to artist spaces is part of an on-going series facilitated by ArtsRising called Career Connections in Creativity (or C to the 3).  Youth are invited to engage with creative professionals of all stripes to learn about their careers and their journey to becoming successful.

Timmy spoke to the girls about his process of painting and artistic decision-making and how his career evolved over time.  He encouraged them to find and cultivate activities that they are passionate about and to not let anyone deter them from their goals.  He also emphasized that anything worth becoming good at starts off difficult, but perseverance is the key to success, he being a prime example of that.

The CHICKS after-school program focuses on empowering inner city adolescent females on personal development and health awareness.  It is supported by the Grassroots Foundation and facilitated by Joan Todd of Carson Valley Children’s Aid.

Additional thanks to the Frankford CDC for their assistance.