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The Historic Free Burying Ground of Frankford

Thanks to Joe Menkevich, noted Northwood Historic Researcher, Wilmot Playground (also known as The Square) has been nominated for inclusion on the Philadelphia register of Historic Places.

As you can read in the full text of the nomination (here), the Burying Ground, which dates to 1811,  lies below Wilmot Park.  It was in active use as a cemetery through the early 1900s.


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Public is now welcome to stroll 50 acres along Tacony Creek by Friends Hospital

Northeast Philadelphia residents have a new green area to enjoy. Natural Lands, a conservation group, invested $500,000 to create a conservation easement.   Read the rest of the story from PlanPhilly at the link below.

Source: PlanPhilly | Public now welcome to stroll 50 acres along Tacony Creek in Northeast Philly

Who will preserve the integrity of the Indian Encampment sites?

Thanks for the tip, Joe Menkevich.  Now the big question is:

Who will protect the Public?

Who will stop the quad-runners & abandoned autos?

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Joe Menkevich – Preserving the past

Northwood resident Joe Menkevich channels the past as if he can actually see it.

Joe Menkevich has a theory about why the best stories go untold.

“It’s because of people like you,” he says, jabbing his finger at me across the restaurant table.

Joe Menkevich and Torben Jenk

He’s referring to the “young generation,” or, more generally, people who don’t like reading other people’s handwriting. Over a beer, the former president of the Northwood Civic Association glows over how some of the history he’s read belongs in a Hollywood film studio.

Read the rest of the story, from the Northeast Times, at the link below.

Source: Preserving the past – Northeast Times

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Waiting for a Tree to Fall

It’s that big tree on the Boulevard just as you turn on to the 900 block of Foulkrod.  Looks like it has been bumped by a few cars and clearly there is not much holding it up.  The only question is, will it fall on a bus, a car, a pedestrian or some politician’s reputation.

Joe Menkevich reported the hazard in the third week of August.  He called the Philadelphia 311 hot-line  to report a dangerous situation.


After spending several minutes of wait-time for an answer, he spent another several minutes giving all the pertinent information about a dangerous tree and was then instructed to call another city department, which did not answer the phone.

He then immediately called 911 and reported the tree as an imminent threat to public safety.

Nothing happened and that tree is not getting any better.  It still stands there waiting for the next gust of wind to blow it down onto somebody or something.