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Fighting Back, 1981 movie filmed in Frankford, comes to Netflix

Hold on to your socks, because you, right now, could be minutes away from watching a classic piece of cinema filmed in Frankford.  The 1981 movie “Fighting Back” is available for internet streaming if your a member of Netflix. One of my favorite ever posts of mine on the Frankford Gazette has to be the one for when I found out that the movie had ample scenes in Frankford. The post spawned a 44 comment misadventure that was pretty entertaining with feverish debates as to where house exteriors and interiors were filmed and whether John Travolta was ever here.  You’re minutes away from scenes shot at McPherson Square, a car chase that starts at Lehigh Ave and ends up crashing on Penn St, interior shots of Episcopal Hospital, etc.  It’s a pretty good flick for documenting Kensington and Frankford from the 80s.  And I think it’s hilarious that they’re fighting back way back in 1980!  Man they should see the neighborhoods now!

And let’s not forget, Tom Skerrit was Viper from Top Gun.

I never thought we have a picture of Tom Cruise on this blog.


Check out our original post here, and check our other posts for stuff that was filmed in Frankford, and definitely check out “Fighting Back” on Netflix.

[Netflix] Fighting Back(1981)