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Second Spanish Baptist Church Reopens

The church, located at 4917 Frankford Avenue opposite Aria Jefferson Hospital, was originally built for the North Frankford Baptist Church in 1911.

North Frankford Baptist Church

North Frankford Baptist Church

It has been the home of the Second Spanish Baptist Church for several years now.


In May of 2014, it was severely damaged by fire.  With the help of insurance money and fund raising, repairs were made and the congregation was able to once again use the church.

I met them on Saturday having a sidewalk sale.  They say the are looking to purchase headphones that are able to translate Spanish into English for the English speaking visitors.

We welcome them back to Frankford.

En español

La iglesia, ubicada en 4917 Frankford frente al hospital de la avenida Aria Jefferson, fue construido originalmente para la Iglesia Bautista del Norte en 1911 Frankford.

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