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Somewhat overshadowed at last week’s meeting of the EPIC Stakeholders was the attendance of Orla Tracy of CeasefirePa.  That is kind of ironic since the subject of debate was the violence caused by some bars.  They are having an event next Wednesday, July 13th.  Details are below.

My name is Orla Treacy.  I met you all last Thursday night at your community event at the Aria Health Frankford Hospital.  As I said at the meeting, CeaseFirePA is the leading gun violence prevention organization in the state, and I would love to include you with our efforts to reduce gun violence in Philadelphia.  At the meeting, a few of you shared your personal connections to gun violence which was incredibly powerful and an inspiration for the work we do at CeaseFirePA.

Next week, on July 13th from 5-8pm at 1936 Judson Street, the Honickman Learning Center, we are having a phone bank to recruit new members to join our cause.  The more people we have involved with this issue in Philadelphia and across the state, the more powerful our voice is in Harrisburg.  I would be VERY grateful for whatever amount of time you can come to help us call people in Philadelphia and invite them to join the movement in Pennsylvania to fight back against gun violence.  The Director of Philadelphia Gun Violence Task Force,  Bryan Lentz is joining us as our special guest, to make phone calls and answer any questions that you might have for him.