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Transit Oriented Development

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission has a really interesting web site.  There is lots of stuff to browse.  It is both good and frightening to know that somebody, somewhere is conjuring up plans for the city of the future.

There have been public meetings to get ideas and some of those ideas are available for your review.  Ian Litwin, from the Philadelphia Planning Commission was scheduled to make a presentation at the Northwood Civic this month.  Noteworthy is that TOD (Transit oriented Development) has not been forgotten.

One of the ideas floated again is the extension of the Broad Street subway south to the Navy Yard and north up the Boulevard.  Part of that plan would also run a spur from Bridge Street up Bustleton Avenue to connect the Frankford El with the Broad Street line.  Interesting ideas that have been discussed before.  Have a look at the Philadelphia 2035 presentation.

Why does this all matter when there is hardly enough money to collect the trash?  Well because these pie in the sky plans have a way of working themselves into public policy in one form or another that will shape the future.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!