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Florida Gun Loophole

Well yesterday we saw folks trying to fix the blight problem.  Today there is news on the gun issue.  Legislators at work:

HARRISBURG — A Democratic state legislator from southeastern Pennsylvania is trying to close the “Florida gun loophole.”

Rep. Bryan Lentz of Delaware County, who is running for a Congressional seat in suburban Philadelphia, wants to make it harder for Pennsylvanians who have been denied a license to carry’ firearms in this state to simply get one from another state, in particular, Florida.

Currently, state law generally requires a person to be licensed by the state of Pennsylvania in order to carry a concealed weapon.

But there is this exception allowing firearms for “any person who possesses a valid and lawfully issued license or permit to carry a firearm, which has been issued under the laws of another state, regardless of whether a reciprocity agreement exists between the Commonwealth (of Pennsylania) and the state.”