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Celebrate the Transitus

What is Transitus?  It was the passing over, of St. Francis of Assisi, from earthly-life to eternal-life.

Celebrate the Transitus, the passing over, of St. Francis of Assisi, from earthly-life to eternal-life.

The service will include readings and music to commemorate the life of St. Francis, as well as a time to remember the lives of loved ones who have passed. The evening will conclude with refreshments. All are welcome!

6:00 PM – Gather for a period of silent prayer at St. Mark’s (4442 Frankford Ave.).
6:30 PM – Procession to St. Joachim’s (1527 Church St.), where the worship service will take place.

Parking at St. Joachim’s is available in the St. Joachim Church parking lot on Griscom Street, just around the corner from the church.

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Keep The Faith In Frankford President Inspires Hope

by: Sabrina Silva and Jared Phillips/

Since the closing of St. Joachim’s parish and Mater Dolorosa churches in the region three years ago, its members were given no choice but to merge into the Holy Innocents parish. However, for Keep The Faith In Frankford’s President and Executive Director Pat Smiley, the church’s closing showcased the strength its church members had on the community and its faith.

“This was also the time of Pope Francis, who said that we needed to get more involved in our communities and that we should step out onto the street,” Smiley said. “We were forced out onto the street, but that’s where the Pope wanted us and that’s where we’ve been.”

In light of the closing, Smiley started the Keep The Faith In Frankford organization to continue the presence of the churches in the community. The organization works out of St. Marks Church and holds weekly prayer services in front of the now-closed St. Joachim’s Church.

Before KTFIF, Smiley owned a neighborhood daycare center. Now, with a background of teaching, Smiley has put her energetic personality into bettering a community.

“I’ve always been an active-type person in trying to make things better,” Smiley said. “And in trying to deal with injustice.”


KTFIF has brought Frankford residents and other community members together to improve the neighborhood. Mary Moretz, vice president of the executive board has been with Smiley since day one of the organization.

“She just knows what needs to be done, who we need to reach out to, and she’s very talented and creative. We always just seem to get things done, and anything that we plan always comes together thanks to Pat,” Moretz said.

Various other organizations come together to help Smiley and KTFIF. Organizations such as Frankford Friendlies, Frankford Forward, and The House of W.I.N., work alongside KTFIF to better the community.

“What we are trying to do is connect people to make Frankford a better place to live, and that includes other civic organizations,” Smiley said. “You have a lot of people that are working together with people they wouldn’t have ordinarily met if it wasn’t for us or if it wasn’t for our church closing.”

Former St. Joachim’s parishioner and current KTFIF member Maureen Taylor has been a part of the organization since the closing of the parish. A member of the Parish for over 35 years, she was one of the church members affected by the close. Taylor helps out with feeding the homeless in the community as well as with the history tours of the Frankford neighborhood.

“Our group is trying to keep in touch with former parishioners by doing some of these community activities,” Taylor said. “So we’re just trying to be a home base for them.”


Community activities are highly important to the organization. Smiley believes they are crucial not only for the church members but for the residents of Frankford and its neighboring communities.

When former parishioner of St. Joachim Church and active Keep The Faith In Frankford member Al Stark, Jr. passed away, members of the church organized a “Spirit Day” to honor him. Now in its third year, KTFIF has combined the event with the “Dining with Dignity” effort, which is run by the Northeast Committee.

“We have games for the children,” Taylor said. “We try to get neighborhood groups to set up informational tables so that people coming through are informed of what services are available in the neighborhood.”

Though the event is set up by the KTFIF organization, many leaders from other organizational groups come by to help out.

Caroline Payton, founder and CEO of House of W.I.N., joined the KTFIF organization as a volunteer in preparation for the “Spirit Day.” Payton’s contribution is working with the young children during their basketball game event.


Smiley, alongside the members of KTFIF and other community organizations, have been doing all they can to not only better the Frankford neighborhood, but to bring its residents together for the greater good.

Smiley recognizes the success of KTFIF and other organizations in the neighborhood.

“Sometimes things are a blessing in disguise.”

Pat Smiley Profile Story from Philadelphia Neighborhoods 2 on Vimeo.


-Text, images and video by Sabrina Silva and Jared Phillips.

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Soup and Salad Supper

CDA Court St. Francis De Sales #2617 invites you to our Soup and Salad Supper on Sunday, February 15, 2015, 3-6 PM at St. Joachims Church at Griscom and Church Sts.

Enjoy a buffet with a variety of hot, homemade soups, hearty bread and rolls, salad, and delicious desserts along with fun, family entertainment and raffles. Adults $8.00, Children $4.00. Bring canned soup or other nonperishable goods for our food cupboard and receive a free raffle ticket. for info call 215-288-3941.

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17th Annual Tricky Trays

“Court St. Francis De Sales #2617 will hold the 17th annual Tricky Trays at St.Joachim Church,1527 Church St on Sunday, October 26 11-3.  Admission is $4.00 for adults and $2.00 children. This includes lunch, dessert and 2 raffle tickets.  Additional raffle tickets will be available for sale.  Bring canned goods and get a free raffle ticket.”TRICKY TRAYS LOGO