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We Took A Trip To Tacony For Hidden City’s Exhibit At The Disston Saw Works

Although Tacony doesn’t share any borders with Frankford, we’re covering Hidden City’s Exhibit over at the Disston Saw Works anyway.  It was definitely worth the trip.  Now I’m pissed I waited so long to check out one of the installations until the last weekend, cause I’d have liked to check out the others.  But it was really something getting into a working factory and seeing what industry really means.  While I was going to Drexel, I used to live in Tacony at Edmund and Longshore so I’ve known about the similarities between Tacony and Frankford for quite a while.  Both were titans of Philadelphia commerce and literally workshops of the world.  And while I’ve had the phenomenal opportunity to get into Frankford’s Globe Dye Works to document it’s resurection, Disston’s Saw Works is still churning out product as Disston Precision.

The Disston facility was big as balls, and there were two different buildings open for viewing, one was the machine shop, apparently where most of precision stuff is made, and other was the art installation.  John Phillips and Carolyn Healy really did a nice job.

Here’s Disston Precision:

disston saw mill art installation 6 exported

disston saw works 1 exported

disston saw works 2 exported

disston saw works 3 exported

disston saw works 4 exported

disston saw works 5 exported

And here’s the exhibit:

disston saw mill art installation 1 exported

disston saw mill art installation 2 exported

disston saw mill art installation 3 exported

disston saw mill art installation 4 exported

and of course, rafters.

disston saw mill art installation 5 exported



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Shirley’s Mom Guessed It! 1945 Film ‘Pride of The Marines’ Filmed in Northwood

Pride of the Marines Poster

Yesterday, after I posted more hints about a local movie filmed in and around Frankford and Tacony, Shirley and her mother properly guessed it was Pride of the Marines.  In the film, Al Schmid is a border in Tacony, dating Ruth Hartley, played by Eleanor Parker who lived at 1025 Filmore Street in Northwood.  Remember this is her house here:

movie screenshot

As soon as I was this scene, I stopped the movie and started hunting down that location.  I was pretty sure it was in East Frankford around Darrah and Wakeling.  But it took me a while before I found it; it ended up being 200 yards from my front door in Northwood.  Check it out on Google Street View here.  And I probably should have just kept watching the movie to save myself some effort, cause her exact address shows up in the movie when Al’s coming back to Philly and she gets a telegram from his friend:

1025 filmore st telegram

I guess they didn’t have zip codes back then.  But anyways, congrats, Shirley and your mom, if we ever start printing up tee shirts, we’ll be sure to give you one.