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60 Year Old Unity-Frankford Grocer Coffee Tin For Sale On Ebay

Just searching Frankford on ebay let to this interesting treasure.  It’s a 1 lb coffee tin can from our own Unity-Frankford GrocersHere’s the link, it’s for sale for 30 bucks.  This thing is just dieing to be used for change on my desk at work, but 30 is a little steep for me.  Somebody buy and bring it home to Frankford.

unity coffee


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Unity-Frankford Grocers

There was a time when you could not walk down the street in almost any neighborhood in Philadelphia without seeing a Unity-Frankford Grocery store sign.  Before the mega food store chains, mom and pop ruled the grocery business.  The Unity-Frankford Grocers was an association of these stores.  They benefited from group buying and established the Unity brand as unique to those little businesses.

Their warehouse, where several of my ancestors worked, was down on Griscom Street at Unity Street.  You can still see the Frankford Grocery sign up at the top of the building.  It later moved down to Erie Avenue.

Those Unity-Frankford signs have become collectors items over the years and people are looking to catalog where they can still be seen.

We checked, there are no signs at:

  • Mascher and Spencer
  • Torresdale and Magee, there could be one under the Grocery Queen awning, but we didn’t get too close to tell
  • Olney and Mascher or 2nd

Here are the ones that we’ve found

222 Hartel Ave:

Unity-Frankford Sign closeup 222 Hartel Ave

8344 Torresdale Ave:

29th and Jefferson:

photo credit: Chris_In_Philly_’08