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Winter Clothes Give Away a No Show?

Back in September we got this email:

I apologize John and Bob,
The date should be Friday, October 29th.  I will correct the flyer and send it to you.

Unfortunately, we never got the revised flyer and published the original.

From one or our readers on the Winter Clothes give away scheduled for today:

I went over to Overington Park with my kids for this event. The park was filled with people waiting. We all waited until almost 4 o’clock and nobody showed up. I drove over to Wilmot Park and there was nobody there either. Everyone who was there waiting was very upset that the event did not happen.

We’ll  see if we can find out what happened when the pols offices open on Monday.

Update from Jason Dawkins of Councilwoman Sanchez staff:

The event was held on Oct. 29, 2010 at the rain locations listed on the flyer. Bob you have an old flyer, Ms. Washington changed this flyer to reflect changes last month. She also, announced at the Frankford’s Park meeting Monaday and Thursday at NE. Epic Stakeholder meeting. The event was a huge success, over a 100 jackets were giving away, along with 5 tables full of winter clothes. Bob I will have Ms. Washington forward pictures from event. On behalf of the Park’s group we apologize for the miscommunication of dates.