4 Comments on "The Third Floor"

  1. looks like a good time.

  2. “Ladys free until 3:30”, as in 3:30 AM? WOW that’s late.

  3. This looks like an “after-hours” club geared toward the Latino community. Is there a way to find out if this club has a liquor license? The property near Unity St., that L&I is trying to shut down, may become another “after-hours” club. Looks like the only people interested in our Avenue are club promoters.

  4. I emailed Councilwoman Sanchez and Jorge Santana asking them about the legality. The issue of safety has been raised before in response to West Frankford Town Watch email to Captain Bachmayer. So far, nothing further to report from them. I agree that if it is legal and orderly then I really not very concerned about it.

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