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Frankford Civic Association Meeting

It was almost surreal to hear, once again, a call for a moment of silence at the Frankford Civic Association meeting on Thursday night.  At December’s meeting, Frances Clay had asked for that moment in honor of Thelma Young, long time member.  This month, Brian Wisniewski asked for that moment of silence in honor of Frances who passed away before Christmas.

Alice Henry read a thank you card to the Civic for the remembrance at her memorial service and then the meeting commenced with new business exactly as Frances would expect.

The election for officers was conducted with the following results:
President – Brian Wisniewski
Vice President –  Alice Henry
Secretary –  Rose Zimmermann
Treasurer –  Tim Wisniewski
Zoning – Pete Specos
at large – Al Rose
at large – Al Mitchell
at large – Margie Rivera
at large – Steve McClintock

Jason Dawkins

Several issues of problem properties were raised by Mike Mawson of West Frankford Town Watch.  The Civic will look into those issues.

Roselyn Gonzalez attended on behalf of the club the “Third Floor” at 4651 Frankford Avenue.  She has been in contact with Councilwoman Sanchez office recently(Jason Dawkins) in attempt to work through the process of finding out what has to be done with the city to become legal. You can see the coverage and video by the here.

The club has been operating unlicensed for several months with some problems as previously reported here.  The intention is to resolve the problems and become a members only club.  They will be going before the zoning board to complete that process at some point in the future.  The Civic will then have some input in the process.

Roselyn Gonzalez

The next Frankford Civic  meeting is scheduled for February 3rd at 7PM at Aria Health, 2nd floor conference room.

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Reporting from the Third Floor

This is a report from West Frankford Town Watch:

ONCE again we received a call from the residents of the high rise apt bldg on Paul street about the loud music coming from the  after hours night club located at 4651 Frankford Ave.   The resident that called was tolded to call 911.  Myself and one of my members drove by there at 2:50 am and there were about 50 cars parked along the avenue and on the side streets.   I also saw police car 1516 sitting in the next bock parked in the center of Frankford Ave.  and just watching all the people walk by.  There were many cars parked in the no parking zone on the next block.   This has been an on going problem and I feel that it is going to take someone getting shot or them coming from in side the club and being drunk getting into an accident and then maybe something will be done.  I was told that the club has no permits and that the people that are running it have been cited before at another location and that this location has a cease order.  If that is the  fact, why is this place still open.   I know that it was shut down about a month ago and the DA’s office was involved.   Maybe the state should have a look into this since no one in the local  police dept seems to care about what happens in the Frankford area.

Copies went to the 15th District and Rep. Payton and Councilwoman Sanchez offices.  Those are some strong words but I can identify with your frustration.  This communication thing looks like a one way street.  We send them up the line and nothing comes back to us.  Let us know what is going on here so at least we will know what to expect.

Response email from captain Bachmayer to West Frankford Town Watch this afternoon:

I care what happens in frankford call my office monday and we can discuss this issue

francis bachmayer

Update received today from Mike at West Frankford Town Watch:

Today I had a long talk with the captain.  He said that the state police were looking into the club.  I also asked him that if L&I shut that club down about a month ago, why is it open again.  He would not say.  He kept saying that the police can not shut any bar because they do not know if they are legal or not.  He said that L&I has to shut them down along with the state police.  I said that when I spoke to the state police last month, I was told that they knew nothing about the club having been raided by their officers.  That it was a local raid but I now have a placed a call to the state police and I am waiting a call back as to what they are going to do.  When i get more info, i will let you know.