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I buy houses – cash – quick closing

Last week I was out collecting the trash cans after they had been emptied. I was bending down to get one that was sitting in front of a utility pole when I noticed this sign hanging up there. It mad me so mad I ripped it down without thinking about it for a second.

Since then I’ve been trying to remember why that sign made me so mad. Well for one thing if I want to sell a house I’m going to get the best price I can get for it. This guy is looking for bargains and it’s not going to be me. Then again he isn’t looking to live in the house he buys. He is looking to invest in it which means he wants to make a profit off me and my neighborhood rather than make a contribution to it. And again the sign is ugly and I don’t want it on my block. Now that I think about it, I think I did the right thing. Any comments are welcome.