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Frankford Special Services District

Councilman Dan Savage introduced a bill to City Council to re-establish the Frankford Special Services District. No hearings on the bill have been scheduled as yet. email me if you would like the entire text of the bill.

City Council Chief Clerk’s Office
402 City Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19107
BILL NO. 070540
Introduced June 7, 2007

Council member Savage Referred to the Committee on Rules AN ORDINANCE Reestablishing a neighborhood improvement district in an area that generally includes both sides of Frankford Avenue from Torresdale Avenue to Bridge Street and certain side streets including portions of Kensington Avenue, Foulkrod Street, Gillingham Street,Griscom Street, Margaret Street, Meadow Street, Orthodox Street, Paul Street, Pratt Street, Darrah Street, and Unity Street, to be known as the Frankford Special Services District (“District”); designating the Frankford Special Services District of Philadelphia(“the Authority”), an Authority established pursuant to the Municipality Authorities Actof 1945, as the Neighborhood Improvement District Management Association for the District; approving a final plan for the District, including a list of proposed improvements and their estimated cost, and providing for assessment fees to be levied on property owners within the District; authorizing the Director of Commerce, on behalf of the City,to execute an agreement with the Authority relating to the District; and authorizing the Authority to assess property owners within the District a special property assessment feet to be used in accordance with the approved final plan; all in accordance with the provisions of the Community and Economic Improvement Act, and under certain terms and conditions.