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Our State Representatives

There is an interesting story in the Northeast Times this week on state Representative Mark Cohen. If you follow Phillyblog at all you may have seen posts by Cohen. the surprising thing about finding him posting there is that it is so atypical for a pol to say what he thinks out there in the public forum knowing that it will be impossible for him to deny it later. Agree with him or not but we need more like him who are willing to say what they think and take part in an exchange of ideas.

And in that same line, my wife often emails our elected officials to ask them to support one issue or another. She has emailed State Representative Tony Payton on such and issue and each time he has emailed back with a response. A few weeks ago, at about dinner time, the phone rang. Representative Payton was calling to further discuss an issue she had emailed him about.

Could this be a trend where politicians actually listen to people. Let’s hope.

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  1. Thank you very much for your kind words about my participation in phillyblog.

    I look forward to further working with the readership of The Frankford Gazette and other concerned citizens in the continued struggles to help Philadelphia reach its potential as a vital city which is a helpful force in the lives of our citizens.

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