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Batter Up at Deni Playground

The tee ballers find out which end of the bat is up. This first Friday night was a resounding success.

2 thoughts on “Batter Up at Deni Playground

  1. I have not seen an organized baseball team at Deni for years. I do not have kids, but I stoppped by. The parents were excited and enjoying themselves as much as the kids. What a great event. I spoke with one of the parents and he said the Deni little league will go for the next six weeks on Friday evening starting at 6:30 pm. Go Deni!

  2. Deni’s baseball kickoff was a great success. I cannot thank the kids, parents and supporters enough for making this happen. Councilman Dan Savage and The Philies Rookie League have brought children back to Deni playing ogranized sports for the first time in twenty years. Thanks again to all who where there in support of our neighborhood children.

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