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I see vampires

I’ve had to get up early several times during the last few months to travel for work. So at 5:30 a.m. as I’m out loading the car with my tools, people are strolling by the house. Now these folks aren’t walking by, they are strolling by.

When you walk to catch a bus or the el you move along to get where you’re going. When you stroll you’re in no great rush to get anywhere. They walk in two’s and three’s chatting as they go and always chat loud like it’s 5 in the evening not 5 in the morning.

So I wonder who are these people who are either up very late or very early and have no place to be. They don’t look homeless. They are fairly neat and clean. They don’t seem to be crazy or escapees from an asylum.

The only answer I can up with is that they are vampires. The sun isn’t up yet so they can still be out. I have never seen them in daylight so that fits. I guess they don’t have to be anywhere because they don’t work. They live by sucking the life from the community.

How did Frankford come to be populated with these creatures? How can we make them go away?