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Frankford Home of the week

The spotlight this week falls on this pair of twins in the 4700 block of Penn Street. Clean sidewalk, neat and uncluttered porch, hanging baskets and a beautiful mini garden make this one stand out.

1 thought on “Frankford Home of the week

  1. Thank you for considering us and thank you too for bringing this posting to our attention.

    We considered continuing the hanging basket tradition, but so many have been stolen.

    We are indeed honored, and of course we do it only because we like things nice; however, the recognition is flattering.

    And by the by there are 2 well kept properties at Harison and Grisham. I hope I have the street spellings right.They are right by Aria, used to be Frankford hospital, on Harison St. We do not know these people, but they do a fine job at maintaining their properties, and maybe these good habits can spread or at least be encouraged.

    Yes, let us hope for a resurgence of good things in Frankford. It was once a proud neighborhood, but now is in some decay.

    Caring and concerned citizens of Frankford

    Al, Lewis, & Patrick Houston

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