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Special services to return to Frankford

From the Northeast Times:

Business owner Bill Goldshlack tried hard to block re-establishment of the Frankford Special Services District, but, in the end, he just couldn’t pull it off.
In a last-minute push, Goldshlack, who owns the Victor Stores, needed 51 percent of Frankford business owners to oppose the Special Services District — and in particular the taxes that would be assessed by the city to support it.
Goldshlack couldn’t muster that opposition. As a result, Mayor John Street’s endorsement of a bill creating the district is expected to have it up and running before he leaves office in January.
The Frankford Special Services District will encompass both sides of Frankford Avenue, from Torresdale Avenue to Bridge Street, and certain side streets that include parts of Kensington Avenue and Foulkrod, Gillingham, Griscom, Margaret, Meadow, Orthodox, Paul, Pratt, Darrah and Unity streets.

Previous criticism that the system failed in the past due to poor management does not seem to be addressed in the new proposal. Read the entire article here.