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Northeast Times is Back in Frankford

I was surprised to find the Northeast Times delivered to my porch last week.  I contacted our good friend, Tom Waring, and he reports:

We began delivering about 10,500 papers to the 19124 ZIP code and will
continue to do so. The other zones this week were 48 pages, while the paper
in 19124 was 24 pages. We hope to increase the page count, starting with a
big Eagles pullout this week. If you ever need a paper in that area, they
are at Frankford Library and Houseman Recreation Center, at Summerdale and
Godfrey avenues.

It’s good to have the Times back in Frankford.  We saw your reporter at the Northwood Civic meeting last week.

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Northeast Times in Frankford

The Northeast Times can be hard to track down here in Frankford and residents to want to read it.  I contacted our friends at the Times and they provided a list of locations where it is distributed.

Frankford Hospital 4900 Frankford Ave.
Wic. office  4806 Frankford Ave.
N.E. Senior Center  4744 Frankford Ave.
Frankford library 4640 Frankford Ave.
Wine & Spirits  5231 Frankford Ave.
Cell Phone Store 5205 Frankford Ave
Marianno’s Deli 5910 Torresdale Ave.
Star Pizza 5801 Torresdale Ave.
Harrbison Beverage  Harrbison & Van Kirk St
CVS  6501 Harbison Ave
Ramanos Pharmacy  6218 Bustleton Ave.
Carmens  6216 Bustleton Ave
Holiday Market 5147 Frankford ave
Citizens Bank  4700 Frankford ave
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More People Discover the Frankford Farmer’s Market

Here is John Loftus (Northeast Times) take on the new farmers Market at the Frankford Transportation Center.  As usual, he gives us a virtual tour that is worth reading for the prose alone.  That nice picture is by Jenny Swigoda.

Frankford residents do not get home delivery of the Northeast Times like the favored neighborhood further up in the Northeast.  Might be time to reconsider that policy.