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Frankford is Getting to be a Small Business Incubator

John Loftus and the Northeast Times spotlight two of our newest businesses in Frankford this week.  A Cupcake Wonderland and Love Bar are specialties that have moved into the Globe Dye Works thanks to the business development work of the Frankford CDC.

The aroma is stronger on the second floor, where Tegan Hagy and Lily Fischer make chocolate and cupcakes in the 1,000 square feet of production space they share.

Entrepreneurs Hagy and Fischer are not partners and neither is a retailer. They each have their own business. Fischer is the baker. Her business is A Cupcake Wonderland. Hagy owns Love Bar. She makes chocolate — from cocao beans to candy bars.

Read the story here, you can almost smell the aroma.

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Buyer Shows Interest in Frankford Y Building

As reported by John Loftus in this weeks Northeast Times, a potential buyer is taking a second look at the building.  The buyer is described as a Philadelphia Theological institution.

“It’s about getting this taken over by someone who will make it a benefit to the community.” — Real-estate broker Sal Palantino discusses the potential sale of the New Frankford Community Y.

Read the rest of the story here.

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Embracing the Heart of Frankford

Artist Cesar Viveros

John Loftus scooped me on this story.  The Mural Arts Program is coming to Frankford.  The details are conveyed by John in his story in this weeks Northeast Times.  I cannot add anything except to say that it is a golden opportunity to showcase the wealth of material we have in our community.

Look for future announcements for an opportunity to participate in this process.

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More People Discover the Frankford Farmer’s Market

Here is John Loftus (Northeast Times) take on the new farmers Market at the Frankford Transportation Center.  As usual, he gives us a virtual tour that is worth reading for the prose alone.  That nice picture is by Jenny Swigoda.

Frankford residents do not get home delivery of the Northeast Times like the favored neighborhood further up in the Northeast.  Might be time to reconsider that policy.