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Frankford year in Review 2007

This is just our take on it. I am sure there are some things that should be included here but have been overlooked.

  • We had a councilman representing us once again. Dan Savage took over the seat held by Rick Mariano. Although he lost the primary to Maria Quinones-Sanchez, he continued to represent us and worked on his agenda for the remainder of his term.
  • The Art Holiday closed. This cesspool was a blight on the neighborhood and deserved to die long before the end came. Shame on us for tolerating it.
  • Sale of the Third Federal Bank building to NIT caused a tremendous uproar. So far nothing on the Avenue has changed as a result.
  • Demolitions of properties throughout the neighborhood began again this year. The removal of the blighted properties improved the blocks where they had been and creates future opportunity for development.
  • Frankford’s Gambrel recreation center was highlighted on national television with an extreme makeover.
  • Deni playground once again saw organized baseball for kids thanks to councilman Savage.
  • The Prisoner re-entry program has continued to be a political issue.
  • Northwood Civic Association leadership twas urned over to a new team
  • East Frankford Civic Association also found new leadership and was rechristened the Frankford Civic Association.
  • Frankford Creek Greenway Master Plan was published.
  • Frankford Business and Professional Association leadership was turned over to Elizabeth McCollum-Nozario.
  • Councilman Savage re-established and reorganized the Frankford Special Services District.
  • Councilman Savage introduced a bill designating Frankford as a Transit Oriented Development District for the purposes of the rezoning of the City. This is a fundamental part in planning for the future of Frankford.
  • Mozaic, restaurant and Jazz venue closed on December 7th.
  • The Frankford Gazette appeared on the web one day in May.
Happy new Year from the Frankford Gazette.

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Thank you for all your hard work.

January 4, 2008 1:44 PM

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work.

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