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Home of the week

Well we made it through the winter and now find ourselves in the first week of spring. I am still waiting for that end of winter surprise snow storm but I may have to eat my words on that prediction.

My older brother and I were talking about some things a few days ago and at some point he brought up that he walked home from St. Joachim’s all the way down to Plum Street near Torresdale, where we lived, every day. He was about 8 when we moved from that house so he was fairly young to be making that long walk but that was how it was in 1948.

He said he could clearly remember the house on Josephine Street where our aunt Bernice lived because he frequently had to stop there on the way to use the bathroom. That was a bit before my time.

By coincidence our home of the week is from that exact block (4300) of Josephine Street. If you have been following this series of posts you know that I don’t have any pattern to what home will be coming up. I see them, like them and that is it.

What I look for is not the newest or the biggest or the most improved or most prominent. I look for homes that are cared for in one way or another. Some are easy to not see because they are in blocks that otherwise don’t look all that good. Some are in areas where some folks don’t want to go. They are all over because there are good people living in ever nook and cranny of Frankford.

You might call them affordable estates. Good solid houses in the city. Close to good transportation and in a walkable neighborhood.

This week there are two. It’s a pair on Josephine Street. In honor of aunt Bernice.