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I started this out thinking it would be titled “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” but I’m not really that mad. SCRUB is the Society Created to Reduce Urban Blight. The subject arises because once again I found one of these signs on my street. I take it as a personal insult and generally rip the damn things down as soon as I can. However the genius who put it up did such a good job that I did not have time to get my ladder up there and unscrew it from the utility pole for several weeks.

Now it has grown on me so that I’ve decided to see how the city enforces it’s laws since these things are clearly illegal. Each sign can result in a $75 fine and there are at least 4 of them in a three block area that I have documented.

SCRUB has gone to court against the giants who have despoiled our city with blight and I asked their advice. They promptly invited me to supply locations and I went one better and took pictures and addresses. SCRUB will submit them to L&I and we will see how the system works.

In the meanwhile if you have any on your street and would like to add them to our collection, take a picture and email it to us.

It’s not the big things that kill the neighborhood, it happens piece by piece. Rebuilding the neighborhood happens the same way, one step at a time.