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Who’s got the Hummer?

Well, according to, it’s not Gary Jackson.  They say he lives in Frankford but since they did not give his address, we’ll leave that alone.  The real question is – why is this news.  It should be standard practice.

The city-state Gun Violence Task Force announced yesterday that it has seized a 2003 Hummer in connection with a straw purchase of a handgun and intends to seek forfeiture of the vehicle.

“We intend to make straw purchasing as costly as possible to deter those who would otherwise involve themselves in this type of scheme,” District Attorney Lynne Abraham said.

The Hummer is owned by Gary Jackson, 41, of Frankford, a convicted felon who is alleged to have driven it to a gun store outside the city with Ronald McBeth, 41, who allegedly bought a handgun for Jackson.

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