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A tribute to the Frankford Yellow Jackets

I have been trolling through Youtube setting things up so that we can post our video of the Frankford Festival. While I was at it, I tried to find other Frankford related videos that we might highlight. This one is a slide show with music and the quality is very nice. Wednesday is our history day so here it is, a tribute to the Frankford Yellow Jackets.

4 thoughts on “A tribute to the Frankford Yellow Jackets

  1. Thanks for posting my video!!!!! I hope everyone enjoys it. Let’s go YellowJackets!!!!!!

  2. It is a great video. Nice to know you found us.

  3. I just finished another that I will post when I get home from work. I purchased a copy of the Philadelphia Record from November 29 1929 off of E-Bay. It highlights the game between the Yellow Jackets and the Green Bay Packers.

  4. Great work. THANK YOU! for putting all of those great images together like that for us.

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