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Ask Me How I Know It Takes 15 Minutes To Get Downtown

Because Patrick P. McNally and his son youtubed it for Neast MagHe videoed it.  That’s just above and beyond.  I remember arguing with people about why Frankford is a viable neighborhood for the 21st century, back when I bothered arguing.  And one of the HUGE deals is it’s relative proximity to the center of everything that is great in the world, downtown Philly.  Everyone uses “15 minutes” as a phrase to denote a relatively short length of time.  But it literally takes 15 minutes for these guys to get from the Frankford Transportation Center to goodness down at Spring Garden.

Part 1

Part 2

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Dr. Harry C. Silcox and Jack McCarthy in their “Living in the past” column in the Northeast Times this week talk about the history of Mayfair.  It’s an interesting story and you can read it here.

A few years ago, I stumbled over this video about Mayfair.  It’s interesting to see now with the passage of time.  After you read the article, come back and go to this link and play the video.

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Crime camera

I guess you can call this crime deterance.  I’m sure the criminals are well aware of it.  At the corner of Arrott and Griscom Streets on the corner by the parking lot is a video surveillance camera.  You can see the blue light flash periodically.  Hopefully somebody is on the other end watching.

I spoke to a local business man who said that the police have been making a difference with their new policy of engagement.  He has seen it all over the years.