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My Trees At Overington Park

I’m a huge fan of the online magazine Metropolis.  Ever since they actually did an in depth 4 part series that did more than just rehash the same old Frankford.  I’m also a huge fan of Temple’s journalism school, and in particular, it’s students that have covered Frankford.  Morgan Zalot has covered Frankford’s main street program for Temple’s Urban Reporting Lab.

Morgan reports on Hasan Malik of Northeast Tree Tenders who’s on personal journey to green up the northeast.

Usually I’d just throw this into our Friday Frankford links since she interviewed him at Overington Park but there he in a couple pictures WATERING MY TREE.  I say it’s mine CAUSE I PLANTED IT.  I didn’t do it by myself, my wife helped.

The wife and I(ok some kids helped too) planted the three trees in the semicircle by Pilling Street in November of 2008 during a greenify Overington Park day speerheaded by Hasan of Northeast Tree Tenders.  I’m very attached to these trees.  When we drive by, we always say “those are our trees” and since the mrs and I planted them in the first six months of our marriage, they grow as our love grows.  I envision a future where Frankford is awesome and our kids are frolicking in Overington Park and the trees are tall as balls and it’s just gonna be great.

You do a great job Hasan, you too Morgan, you’re welcome in Frankford anytime.

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Center for Northeast Philadelphia History

The Center for Northeast Philadelphia History met last week at the Tacony Music Hall and afterward took a tour of the Victorian-era structure.

The center, which is sponsored by the Historical Society of Frankford, visited a structure that is the only property in Tacony listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Read the rest of the story in the Northeast Times here and also a good story about Mary Disston here.

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Next Week in Frankford

  • Frankford CDC to host Public Meeting
    When-Tue, March 17, 6pm – 8pm
    Where-Frankford High School Instructional Materials Center (IMC) (map)
    Description – The Frankford Community Development Corporation will host a public meeting on Tuesday, March 17, 2009. The Frankford CDC will discuss the 2009 Program of Work and ideas for collaboration with community organizations. The meeting will begin at 6:00p.m., Frankford High School Instructional Materials Center (IMC), guest may enter through the main door. The Frankford CDC has been serving the Frankford Community since 1993 providing economic development, career counseling, mortgage counseling services, as well as real estate development. The Frankford CDC also serves as the organizer of the annual Frankford Festival, celebrating its Tenth Anniversary on June 20th by hosting the Northeast Philly Idol Contest. For more information on the Frankford CDC, please attend the public meeting or contact us at our offices. Marie DeLany Frankford CDC 4900 Griscom Street Philadelphia, PA 19124 215-743-6580 (Phone)
  • Book signing
    When-Sun, March 22, 1pm – 4pm
    Where-Historical Society of Frankford, 1507 Orthodox St., Philadelphia, PA 19124 (map)
    Description-Historian Harry C. Silcox will sign copies of his new book, “Remembering Northeast Philadelphia”

We have a link now to Dr. Silcox book on our bookstore page up to the left.

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Greenwood Cemetery

Press Release

PHILADELPHIA, PA (TBD) – The historic, 44-acre Greenwood property along Adams
Avenue near Castor Avenue in Northwood is under new management by a group
committed to revítalizing the site, including the historically significant but long neglected
country house of Dr. Benjamin Rush, a Founding Father, and the surrounding cemetery
grounds, it was announced today.
The new manager, Greenwood Holdings LLC, of Philadelphia, has been notifying local
stakeholders, including civic associations, elected officials, and historic preservationists,
that it has acquired Willow Ridge, Inc., the majority shareholder of the property.
Greenwood Holdings is an affiliate of the owner of the adjacent, six-acre site occupied
since 2004 by Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) at Eastern Regional
Medical Center. CTCA has invested more than $50 million in rebuilding the former
Parkview Hospital property, transforming a shuttered hospital site into a thriving, stateof-
the art medical campus with more than 550 employees.
Michael Allietta, an official with Greenwood Holdings, said Ewing Cole, an architectural
firm specializinginhistoric restoration, has been retained to oversee the multi-phase
project that reflects CTCA’s continuing commitment to community revitalization. “The
initial scope includes reconstruction of the iconic wrought-iron entrance to the 18th
century property, repairing surrounding stone walls, installation of new lighting and
security systems, major upgrades to the landscaping, and, most notably, renovation of the
Rush residence,” he explained. “‘We will make sure that the long declining Greenwood
grounds and historic structures are afforded the same meticulous attention that we’ve
given to the CTCA campus.”
Dr. Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and Founder of Dickinson College,
lived on the property for 10 years in the late 1700s. Greenwood Cemetery was chartered
in 1869. The rear, heavily-wooded section of the Greenwood property is adjacent to the
parking lot of CTCA, which faces Wyoming Avenue across from Juniata Park Golf
Course in Fairmount Park. John McNeil, CEO of CTCA in Philadelphia, said the new
Greenwood management, which includes the non-profit Friends of Greenwood Cemetery,
promises to be of great benefit for all involved in the neighborhood, from those
associated with the cemetery and the Rush House, to the present and future patients and
families of CTCA.