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My Trees At Overington Park

I’m a huge fan of the online magazine Metropolis.  Ever since they actually did an in depth 4 part series that did more than just rehash the same old Frankford.  I’m also a huge fan of Temple’s journalism school, and in particular, it’s students that have covered Frankford.  Morgan Zalot has covered Frankford’s main street program for Temple’s Urban Reporting Lab.

Morgan reports on Hasan Malik of Northeast Tree Tenders who’s on personal journey to green up the northeast.

Usually I’d just throw this into our Friday Frankford links since she interviewed him at Overington Park but there he in a couple pictures WATERING MY TREE.  I say it’s mine CAUSE I PLANTED IT.  I didn’t do it by myself, my wife helped.

The wife and I(ok some kids helped too) planted the three trees in the semicircle by Pilling Street in November of 2008 during a greenify Overington Park day speerheaded by Hasan of Northeast Tree Tenders.  I’m very attached to these trees.  When we drive by, we always say “those are our trees” and since the mrs and I planted them in the first six months of our marriage, they grow as our love grows.  I envision a future where Frankford is awesome and our kids are frolicking in Overington Park and the trees are tall as balls and it’s just gonna be great.

You do a great job Hasan, you too Morgan, you’re welcome in Frankford anytime.

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Daniel Tobin Wins Volunteerism Award

Twelve-year-old Daniel Tobin was presented with the Chairman’s Award for Youth Involvement at Pennsylvania Downtown Center’s (PDC) annual Townie Awards gala, yesterday evening, June 15. Tobin was selected for the prestigious award based on Frankford Main Street’s endorsement of his efforts, which illustrated his unwavering efforts to help better the Frankford Main Street community.

The Townie Awards are a festive and venerable element of PDC’s annual conference, and are designed to recognize the commonwealth’s core communities for creation and implementation of programming and events that exemplify the goals of PDC’s community revitalization mission. Pennsylvania Downtown Center’s nearly 300 member organizations are eligible for the Townies, making the awards an annually anticipated event.

“It is rare to see someone Daniel’s age who possesses such ardent dedication to his community and exhibits an interest in helping his fellow residents,” said Bill Fontana, PDC’s executive director. “PDC views Daniel’s laudable efforts as a benchmark for his fellow Frankford residents and we look forward to seeing where his dedication to the Frankford community will take him.”

PDC’s statewide conference is held in a different commonwealth community each year in order to highlight the respective city or town’s accomplishments in downtown and neighborhood revitalization. The 2010 conference, held in downtown Lancaster, was attended by more than 400 individuals, including borough and municipal officials, experts in community planning and landscape architecture, and dozens of Main Street and Elm Street managers. Highlights of the conference included nationally-recognized speakers, more than two dozen educational sessions, walking tours in the downtown and mobile workshops to Mount Joy, Manheim, Elizabethtown, Lititz and Ephrata.

For information about Frankford Main Street or Daniel Tobin, contact Main Street coordinator, Theresa Hanas at (215) 743-6580 or For information pertaining to Pennsylvania Downtown Center, contact Norah Griffiths Johnson at (717) 233-4675 or

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Temple Journalism Student Profiles Frankford’s Main Street

Temple student Morgan Zalot stopped by to highlight Frankford Mainstreet’s Storefront Improvement Program.  She also put some video up on youtube:

Then she threw some suplimental stuff up on NEast Philly.  I’m impressed.  Thorough work.  She made it into Mark My Flesh, a tattoo parlor at Frankford and Orthodox.  She also talked with the owners of Gilbert’s Upholstery.  We’ve been quite heartily scooped.  I am really getting a grasp of how serious Temple takes its journalism.

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Phillies Phever Decorating Contest

frankford-ave-at-salvation-armyFrankford Main Street, a division of the Frankford Community Development Corporation, is hosting a Phillies Phever Decorating Contest for all Main Street Businesses (4200-5200 blocks of Frankford Avenue) and all members of the Frankford Business and Professional Association. The contest is in celebration of the 2008 World Series Champions Home Opener on April 5, 2009 and all window displays must be completed by then. The business with the display that best demonstrates pride in the Philadelphia Phillies will receive a free full-size newspaper advertisement, and free Internet newspaper article as well as other promotional opportunities.

Frankford Main Street uses a five point approach to revitalize the commercial corridor which is defined as the 4200-5200 blocks of Frankford Avenue.The five point approach consists of: sustainable organization, physical improvements, community marketing, safe, clean and green, and economic restructuring. Frankford Main Street also offers Façade Improvement Grants to businesses within this district looking to revitalize their storefront.