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Temple Journalism Student Profiles Frankford’s Main Street

Temple student Morgan Zalot stopped by to highlight Frankford Mainstreet’s Storefront Improvement Program.  She also put some video up on youtube:

Then she threw some suplimental stuff up on NEast Philly.  I’m impressed.  Thorough work.  She made it into Mark My Flesh, a tattoo parlor at Frankford and Orthodox.  She also talked with the owners of Gilbert’s Upholstery.  We’ve been quite heartily scooped.  I am really getting a grasp of how serious Temple takes its journalism.

4 thoughts on “Temple Journalism Student Profiles Frankford’s Main Street

  1. That was really good.

  2. Frankford Avenue in the 80’s was great too! I had many great shopping and browsing days on Frankford Avenue in the 1980s. Remember Schwartz Pretzel’s, Sound Odyssey, Snyder’s Toys, American Pants, Queen’s Restaurant, Elmer the barber, Dino’s Market, Kelly’s Stationary, Molly’s Salvage, Sacks Furniture, Family Video, Bill’s Meats, Gerace Jewelers, Kresges, the Magic Shop (the owner was a freak, he scared me), Pat’s Music, and the Z Shop.

    Don’t forget the great ones who still are on Frankford Avenue today – Joseph’s Shoes, Cramer’s Kids Shop ( my mom bought my uniform for St. Joachim’s School at Cramers every year) and my favorite barber Lorenzo at Lorenzo’s Hair Styling. In the 80s that place was bumpin. Remember Mario, I had the hots for him.

  3. Thanks for the nice comment about our program.

  4. […] and in particular, it’s students that have covered Frankford.  Morgan Zalot has covered Frankford’s main street program for Temple’s Urban Reporting […]

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