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New Oxford Pizza

I have a special place in my heart for any pizza shop that sets up at 4728 Oxford Ave.  I used to get the most delicious slices there during my walk home from high school from 92 to 96.  They were greek or something, I never really knew.  At one time I think a woman from the Frankford Group Ministry bought it then shut it down.  And I have no idea how many iterations that location has gone through but it’s open again.  They put a menu in my door so I thought I’d post it.  Check it out below and let me know if anyone tries it.

[Link] New Oxford Pizza menu

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  1. I don’t Know if you did him any favors posting that terribly written menu. Maybe they dont have spell check where he comes from. I see you mentioned the old Oxford Pizza owners, yes, they were from Greece and they have returned to Greece. After coming to USA Alexander and Paula Koukaris opened Oxford pizza they raised a family here Giorgo, Dimitri, Byron and Maria, their children all helped with the store. Paula became a US citizen. They owned a modest well kept house on Griscom St and led a quiet life here. Alex the dad, traveled back and forth to Greece using the pizza profits to build a beautiful hotel in Greece with his partners there. The family sadly lost their beloved dad soon after the completion of the hotel. He died peacefully on a mountain top in Greece soon after finishing the hotel building much with his own hands. The family ran the business until tragically a close friend who was delivering there to earn extra money to send back home was shot to death on Penn St while making a delivery. That coupled with several robbery attempts sent the family packing back to Greece. Marie Delany, local resident later bought it but soon learned running a resturaunt is not easy. Food, gas and utility costs soon rose to unaffordable levels and it was closed and the building rented to a tenant who briefly sold chicken there then closed. Those new Armenian owners will need to learn alot about business and spelling to stay open in this competitive business. They are nice guys, I wish them well. I had a large “PLane” pizza and it was pretty good. The prices are very low especially breakfast.

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