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TreePhilly Yard Tree Giveaway a Success

It went really well.  They ended up setting up in the 2nd Baptist parking lot across the street from the intended site, the Wilmot playground, because there was more room.  The Church members were really helpful.  People lined up early for their trees, and while I don’t have the exact numbers, I would say at least 2/3 of people that signed up for a tree got theirs on Wed.  People were excited, and a lot of people had checked the tree choices online and knew what they wanted!
 Hasan Malik of the NE TreeTenders, Andrew Emma (PHS Tree Tenders) and students from Lincoln HS horticulture/environment program provided demonstrations on how to plant and mulch the trees- (the HS students were great) volunteers and Park staff helped people choose the best tree for their yard, and gave further advice on how to plant and care for their new trees.
All people getting a tree got some individual attention and a Wells Fargo tote bag containing info about their tree and tree care. Volunteers included members of the Frankford Garden Club,  the Frankford Parks Group (including Jason Dawkins, staff for Councilwoman Maria Q Sanchez), the Frankford CDC,  members of the 2nd Baptist Church, and the Penn State Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners.
The next TreePhilly giveaway is Saturday, April 28th, from 10am-1pm at the same location.
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My Trees At Overington Park

I’m a huge fan of the online magazine Metropolis.  Ever since they actually did an in depth 4 part series that did more than just rehash the same old Frankford.  I’m also a huge fan of Temple’s journalism school, and in particular, it’s students that have covered Frankford.  Morgan Zalot has covered Frankford’s main street program for Temple’s Urban Reporting Lab.

Morgan reports on Hasan Malik of Northeast Tree Tenders who’s on personal journey to green up the northeast.

Usually I’d just throw this into our Friday Frankford links since she interviewed him at Overington Park but there he in a couple pictures WATERING MY TREE.  I say it’s mine CAUSE I PLANTED IT.  I didn’t do it by myself, my wife helped.

The wife and I(ok some kids helped too) planted the three trees in the semicircle by Pilling Street in November of 2008 during a greenify Overington Park day speerheaded by Hasan of Northeast Tree Tenders.  I’m very attached to these trees.  When we drive by, we always say “those are our trees” and since the mrs and I planted them in the first six months of our marriage, they grow as our love grows.  I envision a future where Frankford is awesome and our kids are frolicking in Overington Park and the trees are tall as balls and it’s just gonna be great.

You do a great job Hasan, you too Morgan, you’re welcome in Frankford anytime.