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Frankford Revitalization has a two part article this week on Frankford Revitalization.  It is written by Pamela Seaton and Kirsten Stamn, students reporting for Philadelphia Neighborhoods, the publication of Temple University’s Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab.

It is certainly worth reading since it covers just about everything going on in Frankford now.  Have a look at part 1 here.   Part 2 is here.

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My Trees At Overington Park

I’m a huge fan of the online magazine Metropolis.  Ever since they actually did an in depth 4 part series that did more than just rehash the same old Frankford.  I’m also a huge fan of Temple’s journalism school, and in particular, it’s students that have covered Frankford.  Morgan Zalot has covered Frankford’s main street program for Temple’s Urban Reporting Lab.

Morgan reports on Hasan Malik of Northeast Tree Tenders who’s on personal journey to green up the northeast.

Usually I’d just throw this into our Friday Frankford links since she interviewed him at Overington Park but there he in a couple pictures WATERING MY TREE.  I say it’s mine CAUSE I PLANTED IT.  I didn’t do it by myself, my wife helped.

The wife and I(ok some kids helped too) planted the three trees in the semicircle by Pilling Street in November of 2008 during a greenify Overington Park day speerheaded by Hasan of Northeast Tree Tenders.  I’m very attached to these trees.  When we drive by, we always say “those are our trees” and since the mrs and I planted them in the first six months of our marriage, they grow as our love grows.  I envision a future where Frankford is awesome and our kids are frolicking in Overington Park and the trees are tall as balls and it’s just gonna be great.

You do a great job Hasan, you too Morgan, you’re welcome in Frankford anytime.

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Temple Journalists Profile Northwood’s Excel Academy

Temple’s journalism students have made another visit to 19124 as Jennifer Reardon and Maria Konidaris profile the Excel Academy in it’s first year of operation on the grounds of Friends HospitalCamelot Schools of Pennsylvania, Excel’s operator, has been contracted by the school district to bring students that have fallen behind in other northeast Philly high schools the opportunity for them to catch up and graduate.  It received unanimous approval for its zoning variance last fall by the Northwood civic.

The last time they stopped by was for a piece on Frankford’s Main Street.