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Art Holiday

A dumpster turned up in front of the Art Holiday today.  Something is going on in there.

9 thoughts on “Art Holiday

  1. who cares, frankford is a dive. let it burn.

  2. There’s more than a few people who think that Frankford’s present, is your future. You might try being a little more sympathetic.

  3. Mayfair is a true dive. Wake up buddy.

  4. How about Bustleton?

  5. Frankford is making strides towards becoming a safer, more pedestrian and shopper friendly section of the City. But as always, a neighborhood is a direct reflection of those who reside and work in it. It’s up to the store owners and residents to clean their property, to report illegal activities and to make the effort to present Frankford in the best possible light. With the assistance of local public officials, there is no reason Frankford can’t become what it use to be. If you would like to see first hand what I mean when I say “what it use to be”, check out this website, On this website are pictures, some dating back to the turn of the century, showing various sections of Philadelphia. There, one can see the “old” Frankford, including a time before the El. Check it out, it’s amazing.

  6. I had word from the Frankford Civic Association that they have no more information than we do. The BRT shows no change of ownership.

  7. Bustleton and all points Northeast are not what they used to be. And they used to be pretty special.

  8. We just moved up to Bell’s Corner and its really nice- safe, clean, great park (Pennypack), and a LOT nicer than most other areas of the city!!!

  9. Dear Me, Bell’s Corner is certainly not Bad. I’m glad you were able to move there and find a comfortable niche in the city. What some people don’t realize is that there are wonderful people who live in Frankford. There are streets and incredible houses here that are are beautiful and well kept. More importanly, there are people here who have the heart and soul it takes to make it great.

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