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Art Holiday

Time to put this to bed for a while.  I talked to the folks at Compu City in Brooklyn and they said they had nothing to do with what is going on at the old Art Holiday.  Then this afternoon as I was going by I saw a new dumpster was on site so I stopped and talked to the man in charge.

The name of the business is Bald Eagle Sanitary Ware.  This is a picture of their brochure which is posted on the front of the Art Holiday building.  The building is gutted inside but the screen is still in place.  They are going to make it into a warehouse for their products.  The product being high end shower bath shower enclosures.

Well at least it’s not porno.

3 thoughts on “Art Holiday

  1. Seems odd. You’d think they’d want easy truck access for a warehouse and I don’t think the Art Holdiay has that.

  2. True but there was a little bit of a language barrier and the guy may not have expressed himself well in English. Given the size of the building and the location those folks from Brooklyn think Frankford is a bargain. I think this is the 4th purchase of a property along the Avenue by folks from up north in the last year or so.

  3. This would be great for Frankford. I look forward to the Ave having Commerce instead of nonprofits

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