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The new urbanism

This is the first time I have heard this term.  For the old folks like me, it recalls the times past when people did not live and die for their cars.  Now what was old is new and the circle has come round once again.  Jon Campisi of the Nottheast brings us:

In her former life, Sandy Sorlien was an accomplished photographer who traveled the world and visually documented her encounters.
She also taught her art form of choice at various area colleges and universities, and even had a book published of her works.
Then Hurricane Katrina hit. From that point on, everything changed for the Roxborough resident.
After seeing the devastation wrought by that natural disaster in August 2005, Sorlien’s interest turned from taking snapshots of communities to helping them change in another way.
Today, Sorlien is certified by the Pennsylvania Humanities Council as what is known as a Commonwealth Speaker, eligible to put on presentations throughout the state on her topic of expertise. For Sorlien, that subject is new urbanism.

Read his entire piece here.