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Crime in Frankford


A 21-year-old man is fighting for his life in a hospital after police said he was shot by strangers who wanted his cell phone.

 Joshua Hernandez, who will turn 22 years old on Thursday, was hospitalized at Temple Hospital.

“My son’s laying on the ground crying for help, 22 years old and being shot over a cell phone,” said Robyn Hernandez. “What I don’t understand is why.”

Hernandez, who was comforted by friends at her Mayfair home, said her son has a horshoe-shaped wound that goes from his hip to his chest and back down to his other hip.

Witnesses have told Hernandez that her son was shot in the stomach over a cell phone, NBC 10’s Kristen Welker reported. Hernandez said this past Sunday, her son was hanging out with friends in the area of Frankford and Orthodox at around midnight.

Don’t blame the victim for being out at midnight in Frankford.  Don’t blame the schools.  Don’t blame the cops.  Blame the low life scum who pulled the trigger.

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