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Police Make Major Drug Bust in Frankford

In this case the cops seem to have stumbled over another pack of not to bright crooks.  But then if they were smart they wouldn’t be crooks. 

Philadelphia police captain Frank Bachmayer says an anonymous 9-1-1 tip led officers to a home invasion in progress in the 1300 block of Kennedy Street:

“Upon the officer’s arrival, they observe four males, exiting the side of the property and running southbound through an alley which leads to the 1300 block of Bridge Street.”

The officers drive around to the other side of the alley where they find the four suspects:

“One of the males was carrying a large box.  These police officers identify themselves.  This male drops the box inside the vehicle and all four males flee on foot.”

Two of the four are caught: 23-year-old Edwin Melendez and 26-year-old Luis Alvarado:

“They’re charged with violation of the uniform forearms act, robbery and various narcotics violations.”

And when police look at what’s in that stolen box one of the suspects was carrying, they find 2-million-dollars worth of drugs:

Score one for the good guys.  Read it here at