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Frankford Civic Association meeting tonight

For those who can attend here is tonights agenda. Our Guest Speakers were just confirmed. Please note that the FKD Civic Association monthly meetings are ALWAYS the FIRST Thursday of each month at Frankford Hospital ‘s 2nd Floor Conference Room at 7:00 PM. We hope to see you there.

September 4, 2008


  1. Welcome and Introductions- Frances Clay
  2. Guest Speakers:

Amy Hollister- Northwood Charter School

Rachel Steener-  Public Nuisance Task Force
  1. Zoning Issues- Kevin Walsh & Pete Specos
  2. Announcements
  3. Adjourn

1 thought on “Frankford Civic Association meeting tonight

  1. In all the discussions on what will bring Frankford back no one thinks of the one thing everyone needs and will spend their last dollar on during a depression or recession. Food. Why can’t Frankford be a food destination? A farmers/flea market every week end in womrath Park, bakeries, butcher stores, deli’s, cheese shops lining Frankford Ave from
    Church St. to Bridge and Pratt. Get off the el and dinner is picked up before the next bus. Over 100,000 people pass through the terminal every day, this is an economic opportunity waiting to be taken advantage of. Forget the fried chicken enterpises, the hair and nail salons. I’d rather have bread. The Art Holiday could be another Reading Terminal Market. We have everything we need right here, access to public transportation, a walkable area, a close hub to 95, the Boulevard. It certainly wouldn’t take much to entice a restaurant school grad with tax incentives to set up shop, South St. did it in the sixties with less than what Frankford has to offer.

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