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Prisoner Reentry

Given the community’s interest in the prisoner reentry issue, we thought this link to the mayor’s office for the reentry of ex-offenders might be a good idea.  There are a few issues of interest to Frankford residents.  Given that prisoners are going to be released at some point, it makes sense to do the most to help them stay out of jail and out of trouble.

  • Is Frankford carrying a disproportionate share of the load compared to the rest of the city?
  • Are these programs bringing ex-offenders to live in Frankford who did not live here before going to jail?
  • Are these programs effective?
  • How is the effectiveness of the programs measured?

Follow the link to the mayor’s web site.

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  1. There is a lot of great information for ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs at my blog:

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