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Providing College Education to You in Your Neighborhood

Do you have your GED or High School Diploma

Earn an Accelerated Associate Degree in Leadership Studies
Dedicate just two nights a week to earn your Associate Degree.
Stay within your community and receive expert instruction in small classes from an accredited learning institute.
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College credit recognized for military service, work skills, and similar life experience.
All of this right here in your neighborhood! We will work with you.

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Unlock your future with an associates Degree

Contact: Reverend McDuffie
Hosanna Christian Life center, Family Support, Advocacy, and Prison Outreach Services.
2059 Orthodox Street ( Entrance Corner of Edmund St)
Tel# (267) 269-6374
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Counselwoman Guarantees Little in Town Hall Meeting, Comes Through With Snack Table

Town Hall Treats

Regular readers will know that I was more than a little miffed when Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez bailed on the Friends of Overington Park’s Tree Planting, leaving me hungry for the cookies and orange juice she promised.  But boy did she come through at last night’s town hall meeting.  She promised better interaction with city agencies, a more streamlined communication with our civic associations, and attentiveness when residents bring problem properties to her attention.  But she guaranteed tastiness coming through with that spread.  If she never does another thing for Frankford(or ever starts), her heroics calling in the snack foods will long be remembered.

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Frankford Civic Meeting

KatieRose keenan of the Northeast Times reports on last weeks meeting:

The heated debate concerning an increasing number of buildings being converted into recovery houses and rooming houses was still in full stride at the meeting.
“Frankford needs to get back to one-family dwelling homes,” said Liz McCollum–Nazario, president of the Frankford Business and Professional Association. “Most of these houses in Frankford were created for single families. Frankford is filled with churches, rooming houses, recovery houses and transitional houses. All these rooming houses are being sucked into one area of Frankford, and it is not what a viable community needs.”
The issue of the number of buildings bring converted was brought up when a zoning application to convert a three-story house to a six-family dwelling was presented to the civic association’s board. Residents are already living in the building.
Pictures passed around of the house showed several windows boarded up.
“The appearance alone shows a lot. It’s detrimental to the neighborhood and quality of life. But we can’t make decisions in one night and on appearance alone,” said McCollum-Nazario.

Read the entire story here.

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Prisoner Reentry

Given the community’s interest in the prisoner reentry issue, we thought this link to the mayor’s office for the reentry of ex-offenders might be a good idea.  There are a few issues of interest to Frankford residents.  Given that prisoners are going to be released at some point, it makes sense to do the most to help them stay out of jail and out of trouble.

  • Is Frankford carrying a disproportionate share of the load compared to the rest of the city?
  • Are these programs bringing ex-offenders to live in Frankford who did not live here before going to jail?
  • Are these programs effective?
  • How is the effectiveness of the programs measured?

Follow the link to the mayor’s web site.