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Streetscape improvements

The first stage of some improvements to the Frankford Avenue environs has been made.  The planters are finally on the avenue and today were filled with flowers by the Frankford Special Services District.  The locations of the planters are in front of 3rd Federal, Friends Lounge (4524 Frankford Avenue), and the Health Center.

The Welcome to FKD Banners are complete and will be installed in the next two weeks. The furniture installer received the new trash receptacles this week as well and is expecting to install them shortly. This was all made possible by the Re- Store grant from the City while Dan Savage was serving as Councilman.

1 thought on “Streetscape improvements

  1. The flowers look great and Frankford Ave looks clean. I wish that Keisha’s would paint her building. That would change the look for the whole block.

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