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Surveillance cameras

We heard earlier this year that part of the City of Philadelphia’s crime fighting strategy would be the addition of many more surveillance cameras.  Mike, at the West Frankford Town Watch, tipped us off to the installation of our first two cameras.  One at Frankford Ave. and Bridge St. and the other at Frankford Ave. and Pratt St..  Foulkrod street will be coming along soon.  I was up that way today and got some pictures.  They are up high to get a good view of the area and a blue light flashes ever few seconds to remind the bad folks that they are on camera.  Now let’s hope they are really working.  Wave as you go by to say hi to the folks watching.

2 thoughts on “Surveillance cameras

  1. It’s about time big brother started watching, heh. I’m at university here in London, the CCTV capitol of the world, where the average person is filmed several hours per day throughout the city.

  2. This is great. Hopefully they will put some in down Margaret/Orthodox way.

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