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Historical Society of Frankford

Historical Society of Frankford has a new web address.  If you have previously bookmarked it, you might need to update your records.  This is it:

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  1. Hi,
    Last evening I purchased at a local auction a all wood ammunitions box. It is approx 15 inches high by 9 and 1/4 inches deep and 18 inches long. On the box it says 1200 cartridges Ball
    Caliber .30 MI in clips and bandoleers
    ammunitions lot number
    Frankford Arsenal 2016 . Could you tell me more about it? Thank you for you time, I appreciate it very much. Take care,

  2. I’m not from the Historical Society but it sounds like a box from cartridges from the civil war (war between the states) era. This is a link to the Frankford Arsenal wikipedia page.

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