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Pigeons prefer pizza

I am not a “birdwatcher” but I do watch birds now and then at the bird feeder out on the back deck.  I see a sparrows and cardinals and a blue jay sometimes.  Every day the doves come over and walk around on the deck and wait for the smaller birds to spill seed from the feeder down so they can pick it up.  Those doves were just not made for hanging on the side of the feeder but they know if they are patient something will fall their way.

Pigeons look a lot like doves and you would think they might share some of the same feeding habits but I have never had a pigeon stop by the deck for a handout.  They seem to prefer Frankford Avenue and Leandro’s pizza when they can get it.

At one time the avenue was probably a better place for them but now it is cleaned up quite a bit and very rarely do you see a scene like this.  Might force the pigeons to join the doves on my deck.