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Rapper arrested in Frankford murder


By Nolan Strong

Philadelphia rapper Rosco P. Coldchain has been arrested in connection with the murder of a local man, sources have confirmed with

A source who wished to remain unidentified told that the rapper, notable for his affiliation with hit production team The Neptunes, is being questioned in connection with the incident.

While details are sketchy, the unidentified victim, a male in his teens or early 20’s, was gunned down near Cottage Street and Wakeling around 7:30 pm last night (December 18).

The victim died a short time later at Frankford Hospital-Torresdale.

Sources have told that another victim has also died in the shooting, although this has not been confirmed.

Police stopped two men in the area after the shooting and questioned them, one of whom turned out to be Rosco P. Coldchain, born Amin Porter.

At press time, Coldchain is in prison, but police have yet to charge him with any crime, as they investigate the deadly shooting.

In October, Rosco. P. Coldchain – who admitted in past interviews that he earned his nickname due to his fondness for weapons – released his mixtape titled There Will Be Blood.

The rapper was originally signed to Pharrell Williams’ Star Trak imprint around 2000, after a chance encounter with Williams on a Philly’s Most Wanted video shoot Philadelphia.

Rosco P. Coldchain’s career has consistently been derailed, due to his frequent trips to jail.

In addition to this work with The Neptunes, Coldchain has worked with artists like The Clipse, DJ Premier, Havoc of Mobb Deep and others.

Police could not be contacted to give an official statement or details surrounding the arrest of Rosco. P. Coldchain.

This has not been reported by any Philadelphia news sources as yet.

Followup in the Northeast Times:

The police department has identified the victim of a Dec. 18 shooting as Stefan Carter, 31, of the 1800 block of Harrison St. in Frankford.
Carter was shot in the head, shoulder and back on Cottage Street near Wakeling Street.
He died about an hour later at Frankford Hospital-Torresdale.
He had been unidentified until police checked his fingerprints.
Two suspects were soon taken into custody, questioned and later charged with murder and related offenses.
They are identified as Joseph Williams, of the 1000 block of S. Fourth St. in South Philadelphia, and Amir Porter, of the 4700 block of Oakmont St. in Mayfair.
Both are 29. ••

2 thoughts on “Rapper arrested in Frankford murder

  1. I am very saddened by the death of this young fellow and by all the lives affected by the choices we make in life. A split second and a moment of thoughtlessness will do it and place us over the edge with no words anyone can state. The families of this young fellow had a funeral this holiday season. I woke up not knowing what to think. It is frustrating and it feels very unfair. If only we all ever used our thinking caps . The family is seeking justice and the victim is in heave. I pray for both families because this case only thickens itself. I will send more e-mails expressing my condolences for this family and the victims family.

  2. This murder has forever changed the lives of many. If the victim had children they will never get to know their father into their adulthood. A family is saddened and seeking justice for the lost of their loved one. Other families question the circumstances in this case and look to defend the defendants incarcerated for this murder. In the end no one wins. Another black brother in the cemetery, and more black men incarcerated possibly for life. I cannot imagine the pain of this victims Mother/Father/Family. I send my condolences and prayers that they find an inner peace through this all.

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